This Would Mean That The Federal Aviation Administration Would Not Regulate These Companies As Closely As The Rest Of The Aerospace Industry.

Jun 28, 2016

President Obama's Policies President Obama has facilitated the growth of companies like DigitalGlobe by ensuring that regulation does not hinder growth and innovation. Last year, he signed a bill that gave private spaceflight companies a "learning period" where they would be exempt from government oversight for the next 8 years. This would mean that the Federal Aviation Administration would not regulate these companies as closely as the rest of the aerospace industry. Laws like this allow space companies to experiment with new technologies and innovate quickly. When the next president enters the Oval Office, space industry leaders will be working hard to ensure similar laws are in place. "We're constantly talking to the government about how to streamline the process, so that the government is not a barrier but an encourager of the commercial marketplace and especially in the development of this industry," says Stallmer says. In order for the private space industry to thrive, there also needs to be a strong public space program, that is to say, NASA. Space companies rely on NASA's well-funded cutting-edge research and they often send satellites up in their spacecraft. President George W.

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